GetSpaceAudio Pricing

Buy more download quota to keep more your Twitter Spaces safe. We accept both Credit Card via PayPal and cryptocurrency using ETH

Buy 3 download quota only for $4.99

Credit Cards or Paypal

Login to your account then checkout, your quota will be added by 5 in 10 minutes.
If more than that time, please contact me on twitter @aryya_id


To buy download quota, you need to:
1. set your ETH address in Set ETH Address
2. send 10$ or more to this address: 0xF4D701A86a4B65e4906B3ee235ed97E50aAF1D3e
3. confirm payment by submit your trx id in Confirm ETH Payment
4. if your trx valid, your quota will be added to your account based on $ you sent.
If you sent 25$ then you will get 50 download quota